Sunrise mist

The water measured 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the air 46 this morning creating mist rising from the surface. It looked to me like the sun was boiling the water.

August Pond Flowers

Native Swamp Loosestrife growing along the edge of Taylor Pond hang over the water.
Close-up of the bright lavender flowers of loosestrife.
Broad-leaved Arrowhead. Note the floating arrow-shaped leaves and three-petaled flowers.
Fragrant Water-Lilly, late in the season but still spectacular. The lower leaf is patterned with insect burrows.
Buttonbush, aptly named for its unique flowers, colonizes the wetland swamps around the pond and attracts hordes of bees.
Pickerelweed with purple flowers live in shallow water, an emergent Fragrant Water-lily in the foreground.
Spotted Touch-me-not thrives in shaded wetlands.
Bullhead-lily with large floating leaves and an emergent yellow flower lives in shallow water all around the pond.