Winter ice

The pond had mostly cleared of ice when this patch blew into and filled up the cove. Some gulls can be seen near the edge enjoying their movable perch.

Swimming and ice

Celebrating the first swim of the season with ice floating in the background.

Ice fog

On warm spring days the water sublimates from the surface creating a dense fog.

Bird Wood Ducks courting

A male Wood Duck courts a female.

Bird Tree Swallow

Tree Swallows often return before the ice clears and can often be seen fluttering over the surface like wind-blown leaves. Here a male surveys the newly opened water. They can be easily encouraged to build a nest if you put up a birdhouse near the pond’s edge.

Bird Geese on the ice edge

Canada Geese resting on the ice. Most years they head further north but occasionally stay to raise young on the pond.

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