There’s a new way to connect with Taylor Pond neighbors when you are looking for that kayak that floated away, are wondering who to call to check out your dock’s drooping edge, or wanting to share a picture of the loons playing just offshore.  A private FaceBook group, Taylor Pond Ripples, is now open to Taylor Pond residents, property owners, and TPA members. Within the first month of the group, 108 members have shared pictures, asked advice, and helped return wayward watercraft to owners. 

Joining the group is simple, just click on the link for Taylor Pond Ripples on FaceBook. (You do need a FaceBook account to join.) When you ask to join, you’ll answer two simple questions about your connection to the pond and your agreement with the group rules. An admin will respond within 24 hours and you’ll be able to see and add posts to the group. If you are a member, you can also invite neighbors to join. Thanks for joining and connecting with neighbors online (as well as in real life).