Annual Meeting will occur 8/29/2021

Taylor Pond Association 

August 23, 2020 

Our originally planned meeting at Taylor Pond Yacht Club has been changed to a virtual Zoom meeting due to COVID-19 concerns. The meeting will commence on Sunday, August 29, 2021 at 7pm.

You should have received the link by email, it is not being included here for security reasons. If you need the link you can obtain it from any board member.

7 pm-Zoom Link Open for Chat 
7:15 pm-Official Meeting Begins

Annual Meeting Agenda
   a. Welcome
   b. Approval of 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes
        (View online on the TPA Website after 8/25/21)
   c. Review of the year
   d. Grant Program results
   e. Water Quality results
   f. Treasurer’s report 
   g. Open for questions
   h. Nominations and then election of board members

The minutes from our 2020 meeting are posted below and will need to be approved at our 2021 meeting.

The 2020 Annual Meeting was held virtually (via Zoom), with 32 participants. 

President’s Report (Dana Little): The meeting was called to order at 7:05. Dana  welcomed participants and noted that despite the challenge of a virtual meeting,  attendance was good. In addition to the president and board members present (Ed  Gray (treasurer), Luci Merin (secretary), Kristi Norcross, Woody Trask, Barbara Mitchell,  Donna Morin, Larry Faiman), 24 members joined the online meeting, Dana noted that  the Association meets to fulfill requirements of our nonprofit charter and remains  dedicated to protecting the quality of water and life on Taylor Pond.  

Secretary’s Report (Luci Merin): Minutes of the 2019 meeting were posted on the TPA  website earlier in the day at and on screen at the meeting for  review. A motion made at the conclusion of the meeting to accept the 2019 minutes as  written was accepted unanimously. 

Treasurer’s Report(Ed Gray): $4,825 has been collected so far from 102 renewing  and new members out of 189 invoices sent out. This is a little lower return than 2019,  but this year’s membership fee was considered optional if members were struggling due  to the pandemic. With participation at over 50%, especially since we did not send  reminder invoices with the newsletter this year, our association maintains good support  from the Taylor Pond community. Current balance in the bank is $32,741.05. The  Association’s biggest expense remains the design, printing and mailing of the annual  newsletter. Additional expenses included state and federal fees, dues to Maine Lakes  Society and Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program, and water testing lab fees.  (Detail printed in TPA Newsletter.) 

Water Quality Report (Woody Trask): The water quality report revealed a generally  good, average year, with the possible concern of a warming water temperature. Ice out  was early in 2020 (April 2), 20 days earlier than 2019, but it did not yet create a high  water temperature. Average for 2020 so far is 77 degrees, while the 2019 average was  78.5 degrees. More weeks of open water are generally considered by lake scientists to  be undesirable since it results in a longer period of sunlight exposure and warming,  conditions conducive to algae growth.  

Water clarity has been good—a 7 meter reading at the end of May was a new high over  the previous high of 6.5 meters. July clarity was 4.7 meters and August just over 5  meters. Clarity readings are taken at the deepest part of the pond (40+ feet) and  therefore not affected by wildlife and watercraft stirring up the pond bottom along the  shore. Phosphorous readings are all in line with historical averages and quality  standards.

Election of Board Members: By a unanimous show of hands, the following board  members were reelected to 2 year terms expiring 2022: Dana Little, Ed Gray, Larry  Faiman, Donna Morin, Kristi Norcross, and Bill Turner. Board Member Jan Phillips  retired from the Board and was thanked her for her service.  

Other Business: 

BettyAnn Sheats provided an update on the Taylor Brook Bridge flood mitigation.  It looks promising that the bridge project will be on the State DOT work plan and  schedule for 2021. She reiterated that the plan is still an upgrade to a bridge from  earlier discussion of a culvert, which should provide greater protection.  

Barbara Mitchell noted a high number of small, biting flies (smaller than a house  fly) on the pond surface this season, wondering what they were. No answers!  In response to a recent email sent to TPA members about swimmer safety, it was  noted that motorized watercraft are responsible for operating safely, including  maintaining NO WAKE speed until 200 feet from shore. In addition to swimmer safety,  low speed along the shoreline helps minimize disruption of the pond floor and maintain  good water quality. 

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:35. 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Luci Merin, Secretary