TPA Shoreline Improvement Grant Update

By Susan Trask, 6/23/2013

Are you thinking about making some improvements to you waterfront property? Would you like to make your space more beautiful and also help to secure the future health of Taylor Pond? Please consider applying for assistance from the Taylor Pond Association!

For the seventh straight year, the Taylor Pond Association is offering matching grants of up to $500 for watershed residents to improve their property in lake-friendly ways. “Lake-friendly” improvements include (but are not limited to) creating or expanding a buffer strip, installing rip-rap, creating better walkways to the water, etc. So far we have awarded five grants, expending $2500. The process is simple:

  1. Contact Susan Trask at 784-4606 or [email protected] and let her know that you are interested in making some improvements to your property. She will ask an expert from AVSWCD (Androscoggin Soil and Water Conservation District) to schedule a visit to your property to evaluate your situation and make recommendations.
  2. Carry out your project, following the guidelines given. Save all your invoices and records of personal hours expended.
  3. Contact Susan to let her know that the work has been completed. She will schedule a return visit by an AVSWCD expert who will evaluate the work and send a report to the Board.
  4. Send copies of all your expenses and personal hours expended to Susan.
  5. If the work completed follows best-practice guidelines, the Board will vote to award the grant, up to $500 in matching funds.

If you are even just thinking about what to do with your property, please consider getting some expert advice first! We will send someone out to consult with you. You have the benefit of professional expertise even if you ultimately decide not to apply for the grant.

By Susan Trask 6/23/2013